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IgA Induced -
Mucosal Immunotherapy

IgA Induced IgA Induced

In 2009, a team of researchers from the National Institute of Infectious Diseases of Japan devised and started inhospital dispensing of transnasal IgA-induced vaccines using POLY I.C, which became patented, as an antibody inducer (adjuvant).

The development of nasal mucosal vaccines aimed at inducing secretory IgA antibodies, lead by Japan, has been progressing around the world, but this latest technology is a trial using mice at the University of Lancaster in the UK, and a paper has been published that induces antibodies to the novel coronavirus.

IgA antibodies are secreted on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and nasal cavity, and are at the forefront of biological defense that blocks pathogens such as viruses and bacteria on the mucosal surface.

IgA antibodies are immune proteins characterized by a wide range of defenses that capture and neutralize different types of viruses and pathogens, rather than reacting only to specific viruses and bacteria.

By being secreted on the mucous membrane even when healthy, we control a system like a constantly monitored interceptor missile that defends our body against various antigens coming from the outside.

The amount of IgA secretion decreases with age, but in addition, it also decreases due to stress, lack of nutrition, lack of sleep, pregnancy, etc., and if IgA decreases, it is susceptible to various diseases. This is also mean immunity level has decreased. Babies are unable to make IgA, and IgA contained in breast milk protects the baby from infection. Since then, the human body has grown to acquire immunity specific to pathogens, and the vaccines currently uses this mechanism of acquired immunity.

In other words, by increasing the secretion of IgA antibodies on the mucous membrane and increasing immunity, even if new viruses such as the current mutant coronavirus appear, the probability of preventing infection will increase.

【 Method of administration 】
Use a needleless injector into the nasal cavity,
trans-nasal IgA antibodies booster is administered.
No pain and fast.

Stem Cell Culture Supernatant

We provide high-level stem cell culture supernatant therapy focusing on stem cells derived from infants, or babies, which are particularly excellent as a rejuvenation factor.

We use amniotic membrane, cord blood, umbilical cord, placenta, pulp and fat provided only by Japanese women who have partnered with us, so anyone can use it safely and securely.

Ostrich`s antibodies
derived nasal spray

CORONA PROTECTION / What is ostrich antibody nasal drops?

CORONA PROTECTION is a spray that prevents coronavirus antibodies from adhering to the nasal mucosa and trachea by nasality, inactivating the coronavirus, and infecting / developing the body.

When the pathogen is injected into an ostrich`s body, an antibody is made in the body of the ostrich, and the antibody is included in the egg that the ostrich lays. Ostrich eggs are repeatedly separated and purified to extract high concentrations of antibodies. It was dispensed repeatedly to ensure that it was safe to spray into nasal mucosa and oral cavity, and then dispensed into nasal containers through safety confirmation tests such as oral toxicity tests, allergen tests, and patch tests.

CORONA PROTECTION / How to use ostrich antibody nasal drops

It can be used for adults (over 15 years old) and children who can bite their noses themselves.

If you are a child, please be sure to be accompanied by a guardian when do the spray.

pray into the nasal cavity once at a time into each nasal cavity. It can be expected to be effective in preventing the new coronavirus for about 3 to 4 hours. However, after biting the nose, after meals the preventive effect become weaken, so do the spray again. In addition, as an application, it is applied to the surface such as a mask to strengthen infection prevention.

※Purchases for resale are prohibited. Up to 4 bottles per person.